‘For him everything is make-believe. He has snatched a dream out of thin air, his cloud-capped towers and gorgeous palaces are built with everything you and I have thrown away... He ought to be the most revered of artists who has made no distinction between his life and art.’

Derek Jarman

‘Andrew Logan's work is the art of popular poetry and metropolitan glamour. It is an art, which resounds with the exuberant excess of a Busby Berkeley musical. It would be decadent if it were not so cheerful. As it is, it provides the sort of glamorous moment or celebration for which many of us harbour unspoken longings. A Logan extravaganza is simultaneously absurd, funny and moving’

Jasia Reichardt

‘Faberge for the millennium’

George Melly

‘Andrew Logan is, and has been for the best part of a quarter of a century, a phenomenal figure in London life, and one of the most remarkable artists as well. He is a real mirror of our times. He has brought great happiness to many people...’

Norman Rosenthal (Royal Academy of Arts)

‘The Wizard of Odd’

Lynn Barber: Independent on Sunday

‘Andrew Logan is a very special kind of artist, a sort of one-of-a-kind kind of artist. Everybody seems to like his work, and it isn't hard to see why . . . it's gorgeous, desirable, funny, and makes you feel happy. Nobody seems to have any difficulty with it, except to wonder guiltily if Art should really be this fun, this lovely…’
‘His work takes the risk of being completely clear in its intentions, doesn't obscure itself in artspeak, and is unashamedly beautiful. If he were just a maker of objects his would be a great enough talent, but he is also a scene-maker - one of those rare people with the ability to bring out in others their sense of creativity and curiosity.’

Brian Eno

‘Andrew Logan is living art! He weaves his whole life and that of his friends into a magic web, whether it is immortalising them in mirrored sculpture busts or covering them in jewellery. When my museum is opened, it will be Andrew's portrait of me that will grace the foyer.’

Zandra Rhodes MBE