Logan's work inspires. His shimmering, mirrored jewels are treasured by those lucky enough to possess even one piece, and continue to influence countless designers from Ungaro to Comme des Garcons.

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‘Andrew's jewellery is so addictive. It doesn't matter where you wear it, it always attracts comments. I own several pieces, but since I'm a cat-lover, I think my favourite is a spectacularly large pin with a cat-face on it. I wore it one night to a State dinner I went to with my husband, Warren, at the White House, in honour of the Russian Premier. The next night, the Russians hosted a reception at their embassy. We were mingling with the guests when Bill Clinton came over for a chat, 'What a wonderful pin you were wearing last night' he remarked. I can tell you, it's not bad for a woman's ego when the President of the United States comments on your jewellery.’

Marie Christopher